Mom, I'm making a synth!

here’s the official op-1 accessories demo. personally, i still haven’t decided if the op-1 is worth the buzz it’s getting (first thought: BUY IT, second thought: it’s not even a proper instrument, it’s got a MINIJACK OUTPUT. BLASPHEMY!) and this offering makes me wonder even more. what are you trying to do, teenage engineering? i mean, which crowd are you trying to appeal to with a crank, rubber band pitch bender and lego technic integration?

my 12” EP is coming out in a month from now. here’s the first track off of it. (and the EP is the main reason I’m still in nowhere with my DIY synth project…)

for the gearporn enthusiasts, the EP heavily features:
- Elektron Octatrack (all arrengements, sample mangling, synth sequencing et al)
- Nord Electro
- Roland SH-101
- Korg Electribe SX
- Microkorg XL
- Vermona DRM mk.3
- Korg Poly 800 (which kinda broke midway thru)
- Yamaha CS-5
and a couple of other treasures. enjoy and watch this space for the rest of the EP.

it’s really funny actually: first everyone with a laptop and internet access gets to be a DJ (when was the last time you’ve been to a youtube party?:), now when you have a laptop and a couple of buttons connected via usb you can be a ‘controllerist’. then there’s this guy who takes to the extreme and does a really crappy job at striving to be funny. still i’m giving it an A for the (utterly pointless) effort.

now go make some real music with real instruments!